NetUP | IPTV & OTT Solutions for Content Delivery

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Explore these comprehensive IPTV and OTT solutions, including content delivery, billing systems, and end-user devices. Deliver digital content seamlessly with its versatile platform and billing solutions. Contact us for a quote today!

NetUP – IPTV/OTT solutions for Internet service providers

NetUP – IPTV/OTT solutions for Internet service providers.


Certainly! Here’s a concise summary of NetUP’s IPTV and OTT features:

  • Flexible Content Delivery: IP or DVB options available
  • No Set-Top-Boxes Needed
  • Interactive Services Supported
  • LG Hospitality TV Integration
  • Android IP STB Access
  • Advanced Stream Processing
  • Ideal for Startups and Small Networks
  • Tailored Solutions for Hotels
  • Automated Convergent Billing System
  • Versatile Streamer Universal Headend

In conclusion, this provides comprehensive IPTV and OTT solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of content providers, network operators, and end-users. With flexible content delivery options, advanced features, and tailored solutions for various industries such as hospitality, this ensures seamless content delivery and management. Their automated billing system streamlines operations, while their versatile streamer universal headend simplifies digital content delivery. Contact it today to explore how their solutions can enhance your IPTV and OTT deployment.

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