FLOKI TV: Best IPTV Subscription in Europe, USA, and Asia

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Discover FLOKI TV, the ultimate IPTV provider offering over 25,000 channels, 200,000 VOD options, and 4K/FHD streaming. Enjoy seamless entertainment on Android, iOS, Firestick, and more. Order your trial now!

FLOKI TV :  Best IPTV Service Provider


Here are the key features of FLOKI TV summarized:

  • Extensive Content Library: Access to over 25,000 channels and 200,000 VOD options.
  • High-Quality Streaming: Supports 4K, FHD, HD, and SD quality for an immersive viewing experience.
  • Multi-Device Compatibility: Works seamlessly on Android, iOS, Firestick, Windows, Mac, and more.
  • Customer Support: 24/7 support via WhatsApp for assistance and inquiries.
  • Secure and Reliable: Ensures privacy with secure IPTV service and stable 10 Gbps bandwidth.
  • Flexible Subscriptions: Offers subscription plans for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

These features highlight it’s commitment to providing a comprehensive IPTV experience with high-quality content and reliable service.


Here are the pricing details for FLOKI TV:

Trial 24H: Free

Includes: 4K, FHD, HD & SD quality

1 Device:

  • 12 Months: 64.99€
  • 6 Months: 47.99€
  • 3 Months: 34.99€

FLOKI TV offers a variety of subscription options to suit different needs and durations, ensuring flexibility and access to a wide range of content.


In conclusion, FLOKI TV stands out as a leading IPTV provider, offering an extensive array of channels, VOD content, and flexible subscription plans. With support for high-quality streaming in 4K, FHD, HD, and SD, compatibility across various devices, and reliable customer support available 24/7 via WhatsApp, FLOKI TV ensures a seamless entertainment experience. Whether you’re in Europe, USA, or Asia, it’s caters to diverse viewing preferences with a commitment to privacy and satisfaction, backed by a 7-day money-back guarantee. Discover the ultimate IPTV experience with this today.